Why Fancy Face?

So you may be wondering, why would someone name their blog "Fancy Face"? Do I think I have a particularly fancy-looking face? Well when I decided to begin this blog I was throwing around all kinds of blog names like Fashionista Fallon or Chaotic Closet (I know, weak choices). Then a blogger friend of mine said "The name of your blog should be something personal to you, it should have meaning."

Immediately Fancy Face popped in my head. My grandmother, who I adore and have been extremely close to my whole life, has always called me Fancy Face since I was a little girl. She says I always had a mischievous grin, like I knew a secret no one else knew. Fashion and food seem to be passions passed down through the Italian women in my family, a.k.a Hereditary Shopaholics, so I feel I owe much of my fashion passion to my grandmother and mother. Never was I shamed for spending an excessive amount of money on shoes or handbags, often times they would aid in the concealing of shopping bags from Dad who couldn't fathom needing more than 4 pairs of shoes (I know many women out there can feel my pain on this issue when we were in high school.)

In the past couple years my grandmothers health has been fading and I know I won't have her for very much longer, but every time I hear her call me Fancy Face it brings me back to childhood. It reminds me of my family and how lucky I am they influenced my passions and shaped who I am today.