Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Sandy

What a Shit Show of a week! The devastation that's been caused by Hurricane Sandy has been astounding. I never thought it would be sad to see the Jersey Shore (made famous by over-tanned and over-gelled guiddos) completely wiped away. My parents were married in Atlantic City and the iconic Boardwalk has been destroyed. Over 5 million people have been affected by Sandy. My downtown NYC apartment was in a mandatory evacuation zone so I left Sunday night to stay at a friends apartment uptown on Park Avenue. Monday afternoon was the quite before the storm, which hit later that evening. We lost power around 9pm. All of NYC was in total darkness. We went 5 days without power, some parts of the city are still without power and the temperatures are dropping into the 30's. Generators on the streets are producing steam to try and keep the areas warmer. My building has severe damage. All the gas leaked out of the cars in the parking garage and the entire building is filled with the smell of petroleum and toxins from the water. We were able to return just to grab our essentials, but we had to hike 22 flights of stares with water soaked wash clothes covering our mouths. My building has been deemed "inhabitable" by the Dept of Buildings and we're not allowed to move back in. So now I'm homeless, but I appreciate the out-pour of concern over my wardrobe from Fancy Face readers: They are all OK, assuming the petroleum smell doesn't ruin them. It could have been worse and in comparison to others, my troubles don't seem so bad. Below are some of the pics we took before, during and after the storm. I know most everyone has seen the pics on the news, but these are a first hand, iPhone account of Sandy.

Perfect ad for Hunter rain boots
Everyone prepares for the storm
And the light go out, Sandy is coming....
You can feel the chill in the air
Subways prepare for flooding, little did they know....
West Village
After we lost power Monday night, we were lucky enough to have a friend who let us evacuate with him to his parents home in Connecticut where they had a generator for power, this is some of the damage we saw outside the city.

On a side note, Connecticut is absolutely beautiful...minus the down power lines and trees of course.

What a beautiful sight! Coming to fill up the generator while supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Returning to the city very early Saturday morning at 6am, George Washington Bridge with power!

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