Thursday, November 8, 2012

Faux-Fur + J Brand Cargo Pants = Workday Casual Cool

Working at a creative agency has it's perks, one of the biggest being our dress code...or lack there of. Our CEO has a great appreciation for fashion and is quite the label whore himself (he can take one glance at what you're wearing and name the designer, for a straight man that's a gift!), so I'd say instead of "business casual", our company's dress code is "trendy casual." 

Sweater: Vince Camuto, Jeans: J Brand, Tote: L.A.M.B, Boots: Marc Jacobs, Shirt: Express, Necklace: Express

Yup,I'm wearing a pedometer. A total senior moment, but I was curious how many steps I take in a day in NYC. For those of you who are curious: Almost 3K! 

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  1. That sweater is gorgeous! The whole outfit looks perfect. Have a nice day :)

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