Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's not brunch with the girls unless one of us are in the clothes from the night before...

Sunday brunch at Acme, a sexy little spot on Lafayette and Great Jones Street in NoHo. Now Acme wasn't my first guess for a brunch hot spot. It has a club underneath that plays amazing 90's music (Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls, TLC) so I have to admit I was a little thrown off by the ambiance in daylight hours. However the food is delicious, Nordic inspired dishes. We had eggs benedict with salmon, fried eggs with chorizo and watermelon juice (it's a Sunday, gotta hydrate!). Acme is a fun spot, day or night!
I'm not naming any names...
It's no longer a cajun restaurant so I'm assuming they left the sign up for nostalgia.

Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Fried Egg and Chorizo
Down to the club portion of Acme, you remember going down, but never coming up...

Random, but great sign just across the street from Acme

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