Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finally Fall!

It's officially Fall in NYC, FINALLY! My favorite time of year like many other fashionable New Yorkers. Time to pull the boot boxes down from the top of the closet and take out the sweaters and jackets from storage under the bed. This Moschino jacket is one of my favorites, it's wool so it keeps me and my thin Floridian skin very warm. The studded sweater I found in a little boutique in Paris. These Marc Jacobs boots are my new favorite fall boot. The height is comfortable to wear all day and the heel is think enough not to get caught in a NYC subway grate while talking on the phone in one hand and spilling your Starbucks in the other hand all when a gust of NYC skyscraper wind blows your skirt up....I mean I've seen it happen, poor girls!

Photo Credit: Melissa Burriss of For Fi, Love Me

Jacket: Moschino, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Marc Jacobs, Scarf: Rachel Roy

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