Monday, October 22, 2012

Does wearing leather make you feel like a badass?

I have to admit, there's something about slipping on a leather jacket that makes me feel like I'm a total badass. Of course I know this is just false confidence, because when I'm body checked in the subway by a Latina in a hurry and I let out a "Hey, watch it!" and she looks back and says "Yeah you got a problem?!" in a confrontational stance, I immediately reply "Nope!", smile, and dash away as fast as my Louboutins will allow. Now it's not like I was looking to roundhouse kick anyone in the head, but maybe I'd be safer jumping on the back of a hot Italians motorcycle to unleash my inner badass.

*FYI~ The Necklace in this post was purchased from Tracy Meehan of Stella & Dot. Check out her store, there's tons of amazing stuff. I'm wearing the Renegade Necklace (appropriate to don with leather). The packaging is so cute, they make great gifts as well!

Jacket: Forever 21, Shirt: Aritzia, Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Necklace: c/o Stella & Dot

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